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The Fifth Fleet is a unique fan association.  Originally a chapter-based traditional Star Trek Fan Association first formed in 2003 as the USS Dauntless NCC-75310, the UFPSF Fifth Fleet has recently become a strictly web-based organization divided between this website and the Fifth Fleet Group located on Facebook.


Membership in the Fifth Fleet is free, opening the organization to anyone who wishes to join, no matter where they are located around the world.  All we ask is that you participate in some small way.


The main function of the organization is the science-fiction stories we write and publish on the website Stories Archive.  Members of the UFPSF Fifth Fleet have been a part of several Star Trek Fan Organizations (Starfleet Intl, The Federation, USS Dauntless, The Fifth Fleet, Etc) going back as far as the late 1980’s and the height of Star Trek Fandom.  As a result, we have a collection of fan-written stories taking place in the Star Trek fictional universe first created by ‘Great Bird of the Galaxy’ Gene Roddenberry from the beginnings of the Federation in 2161 all the way to the ‘Present Day’ in the Prime Star Trek universe.  New stories will be announced on the Facebook Group Page when published.


Members associated with the UFPSF Fifth Fleet are encouraged to create fictional characters and use those characters to populate the starships, starbases, and planets featured in the Fifth Fleet Adventures.  (See the Rules for Authors for guidelines on creating Fifth Fleet characters, locations, and plotlines.)


Feeling creative?  Always wanted to be a member of the crew of a Starfleet vessel exploring the unknown?  Want to meet other people who share similar geeky interests with you?


Become a member of the UFPSF Fifth Fleet today!


~Cap’n Pete

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