Earth Year 2287: (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier)


“Day of Reckoning”

With the USS Arcturus making a visit to Avalon, homeworld of the starship’s young navigator Galen DuLac, Vulcan operations officer Solak and Efrosian science officer Baael V’ahhst o’hrrne Dagon decide to teach DuLac’s brother Arthur a lesson in tolerance.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Day of Reckoning – Part 2”

With their adventures on Avalon concluded, the Arcturus continues its mission... until members of the crew begin committing violent unexplained acts and only one possibility can explain it…  Is the USS Arcturus haunted?

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Be Careful What You Wish For…”

While the Arcturus visits a planet close to the Klingon border in order to secure mining rights for the Federation, helmsman Kalin Kale longs for more responsibility aboard the starship.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.



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