Earth Year 2288:


“Chances Are”

After passing through what may have been a temporal anomaly, the two-man crew aboard the USS Arcturus shuttlecraft Starchaser unexpectedly find themselves driving a 20th century Earth car in Toronto, Canada in the year 1968.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Ship After Ship After Ship…”

Starfleet assigns the USS Arcturus NCC-1807 to blockade duty of the hostile Orig system.

This adventure is a prequel to the USS Dauntless story “Return to Orig” (Earth Year 2372).

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Trojan Horse”

After several attacks on civilian shipping by Orion pirates, the USS Arcturus is assigned to deter further pirate activity near the Orion border.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“…Where Change is the Only Constant”

The USS Arcturus is assigned a mission to locate and study the being known as Gary Seven in the year 1969, but something goes wrong and the starship and its crew find themselves thrust nearly 80 years into the future.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“In Search of… the USS Arcturus

After being left behind to monitor as the starship Arcturus performs its mission of historical research, a senior member of the Arctrus crew is put in charge of a team tasked with figuring out what went wrong and will the missing starship ever be seen again?

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.



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