Earth Year 2368:


                   2368 (TNG – Season 5)


“Ready for Action”

Starfleet Marine Michael Drake fights during the Klingon Civil War.

A Star Trek: The Proud Few Adventure.


“Gangs of Qo’noS

Starfleet Marine Michael Drake and his Marine platoon battle Klingon gangs during the height of the Civil War.

A Star Trek: The Proud Few adventure.


“…Where Change is the Only Constant – Part 4”

The crew of the USS Arcturus, their re-training at Starfleet Academy complete, embark on the beginning of their year-long training cruise aboard a slightly-updated starship Arcturus-1807, and almost immediately run into trouble with an unexpected enemy.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Trust Me”

While en route back to his base aboard the starship Enterprise-D, PFC Michael Drake discovers a covert attempt to take over Starfleet.

A Star Trek: The Proud Few Aventure.


“To Our Honored Dead”

As Starfleet Marine Corp Private Michael Drake participates in the funeral service of Federation Ambassador Sarek, he thinks back to his first meeting with the famous Vulcan diplomat and the circumstances that led him to his current position.

A Star Trek: The Proud Few Adventure.


“The Bond – Special Edition

A young Lt Koester meets Lotus Q for the first time, and over the years they develop a close relationship… and perhaps more.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.



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