Earth Year 2369:


                   2369 (TNG – Season 6; DS9 – Season 1)


“The End – Part 1”

The Arcturus crew is informed their 24th century training cruise has come to an end.  The original crew is re-assigned to the brand new USS Arcturus NCC-1807-A as their previous vessel is selected to be put on display in the Fleet Museum.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“The End – Part 2”

Vice Admiral Eric Johnson assigns command of the original Arcturus to Lt Commander Kalin Kale as they deliver the century-old starship to the Fleet Museum at Arcturus III.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Send in the Clones”

The Arcturus-A crew is dumbfounded when Starfleet Marine company commander A. Carey Copeland, thought killed in the 23rd century before the original Arcturus was lost, reappears alive and well in the 24th century.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.



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