Earth Year 2370: (TNG – Season 7, DS9 – Season 2)


“Gamma Bound – Part I”

The starship USS Arcturus-A is assigned to negotiate a peaceful solution when the Radine, a minority faction on the planet Orthid IX, start committing terrorist acts against the Orthid government and the Federation colony on the planet.  But when Vice Admiral Eric Johnson and his away team are kidnapped by the terrorists, it is up to Lt Commander Kalin Kale to bring everyone home alive.

A Star Trek: Arcturus Adventure.


“Gamma Bound – Part II”

The Arcturus-A arrives at Deep Space Nine, where newly promoted Captain Kalin Kale will assume command of his new starship, the Galaxy-class USS Sarek NCC-72075, and the mission of exploring the newly opened Gamma Quadrant.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Gamma Bound – Part III”

The USS Sarek passes through the Bajoran Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant, where their first mission is to build the communications relay that will allow the starship to keep in touch with the Federation.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.



Days after beginning its mission in the Gamma Quadrant, the USS Sarek discovers a Starfleet officer who went missing almost a century before on the other side of the galaxy.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Mind Touch”

As first officer Mickey Cosna suffers from sleep-depriving nightmares, the USS Sarek nears its first new star system in the Gamma Quadrant.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Arrival – Part 2”

23rd century Starfleet officer Sean McIntyre awakes in the infirmary of Deep Space Nine, and must not only figure out when he is, but how he can get off the station undetected.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Arrival – Part 3”

Sean McIntyre signs aboard the SS Shenandoah Valley as chief engineer in order to begin his quest.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Arrival – Part 4”

As the SS Shenandoah Valley and its mysterious passenger head toward the Omicron system, Starfleet and TI take note of the fact Sean McIntyre has gone missing again.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“More Life Than You Know”

The Sarek investigates a star system with an unusual number of Class-M planets and finds life does not always fit the usual mold.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Arrival – Part 5”

In the custody of Starfleet Intelligence, Sean McIntyre must defend his actions aboard the Arguillius against the accusations of a Starfleet Captain with a grudge.  (Coming Soon)

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


Pluton Nights”

Security chief Penji Fil leads an away team of Klingons to make diplomatic overtures to the planet Pluton, a culture that considers friendship a sign of weakness.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.



The omnipotent being Q appears aboard the Sarek and offers civilian primary school teacher Val’ri Raiajh an opportunity to see what life as a full Deltan or a full Vulcan would have been like.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Shore Leave ‘94”

While the starship Sarek docks at DS9 for scheduled crew rotations, Captain Kalin Kale and members of his crew travel to the Hunt-Valley system for some much needed shore leave.  However, security chief Penji Fil is arrested during the trip, accused of smuggling contraband.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“A Report”

The Dominion’s Jem’Hadar shock-troops destroy the Gamma Quadrant colony of New Bajor, as well as several starships and the GammaOne Communications Relay Post, cutting the USS Sarek off from the Alpha Quadrant.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.



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