Earth Year 2373: (DS9 – Season 5, VOY – Season 3, Star Trek First Contact)



Captain Koester is abducted and Commander Lotus Q must confront a thousand-year-old enemy to get him back.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“No Field Days”

Captain Koester returns to the Dauntless to find the crew have taken matters into their own hands to avoid field day.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Star Destroyer”

While exploring near the galactic edge, the Dauntless encounters an ancient vessel from another galaxy far, far away, broadcasting an automated message that there are knights trapped in stasis aboard the ship.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“The Big Sneeze”

When Commander Lotus Q catches a cold, the Dauntless finds itself propelled across the galaxy to a rendezvous with their lost sistership, the USS Voyager.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“A Beautiful Friendship”

Captain Peter Koester and the crew of the USS Dauntless have their first encounter with the Imperial Romulan Warbird Volantis.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.  [Part 1 of 4 of the T’K’Lon Arc]

First Published on the Fifth Fleet Nova site.



The USS Dauntless joins the armada to repel the Borg in Sector 001.  (Star Trek First Contact from the POV of the Dauntless crew.)

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Shore Leave ‘97”

While the command staff attends a diplomatic conference, Lt Commander Bloom must command the Dauntless on a rescue mission close to the Cardassian border.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.




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