Earth Year 2374: (Dominion War Year 1, DS9 – Season 6, VOY – Season 4)



The Dauntless intercepts a mysterious probe which renders the entire crew unconscious.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Sins of the Past”

When the Dauntless is assigned to transport the new Arderan Ambassador to Earth, the ambassador is murdered and all the clues point toward Captain Koester as the murderer.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Too Many Drills”

The Captain and COB must teach First Officer Kane another lesson when he tries to schedule too many drills.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.



The crew of the starship USS Sarek learn there has been a Dominion spy in their midst.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Friends in Low Places”

As the Dominion War heats up, the USS Dauntless is rescued from destruction by Jem’Hadar forces by a Romulan warbird.  Do the Romulans have ulterior motives for defending the Federation starship?

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.  [Part 2 of 4 of the T’K’Lon Arc]

First Published on the Fifth Fleet Nova site.


“May Old Acquaintance Be Forgot”

While the Dauntless is docked at DS9 for deuterium refueling, newly promoted Fleet Captain Koester must borrow the Defiant to rescue his former fiancée.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Innocence Lost”

When the Dominion invades and occupies Betazed, Dr. Sylvan Xaran and members of his family trapped on the planet must form a guerrilla resistance movement while waiting rescue from Starfleet forces.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“The Return, Part 1 – Renewal”

While Fleet Captain Koester recuperates from his injuries on Earth, the Dauntless is placed under the temporary command of Captain Kalin Kale.  As Captain Kale renews a past relationship with Science Officer Lotus Q, the Dauntless encounters a Romulan outpost adrift in Federation space.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“The Return, Part 2 – By Comet’s Light”

The Dauntless mysteriously loses all power directly in the path of a rogue comet.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“The Return, Part 3 – Maxia Redeux

The Dauntless receives a Ferengi vessel’s distress call and soon comes under fire from a revenge-seeking Daimon.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“The Return, Part 4 – The Battle”

Soon after Fleet Captain Koester returns to the Dauntless, the events of recent weeks start to make sense as the annoying entity Q appears, angrily confronting the starship’s Science Officer before vengefully sending the entire ship back in time.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.



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