Earth Year 2376: (VOY – Season 6)



When Fleet Captain Koester is promoted to Commodore, it appears he will lose command of the Dauntless, until a high-level kidnapping may provide the leverage he needs to keep his ship.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.



Strange things occur when the Dauntless explores a legendary planet.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.



Commodore Peter Koester is assigned to a special mission, during which he meets Commander Michelle Petersen, to rescue Cardassian soldiers before they are all killed by angry Federation colonists.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“I’ll Be There for You”

The Dauntless is assigned to investigate reported sightings of Romulan warships in Federation space near the Draken star system.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.  [Part 3 of 4 of the T’K’Lon Arc]

First Published on the Fifth Fleet Nova site.



A celebration of the first Five-Year mission of the USS Dauntless.

While en route to a diplomatic conference, the Dauntless crew find themselves trapped in a limitless magnetic void.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Cabinet Builder”

Commodore Peter Koester is unexpectedly contacted by the new President-elect of the Federation, but for what purpose?

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.



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