Earth Years 2377 to 2379:


2377 (VOY – Season 7)


“Return to Duty”

As the USS Dauntless changes commanding officers, Counselor Kethry Sutherland is offered a new assignment of her own – helping return the USS Sarek to commission as Starfleet’s first true battleship.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Next of Kin”

The Sarek begins its shakedown cruise, and returning commanding officer Kalin Kale starts to realize there is something more to Ship’s Counselor Kitty Hawk than meets the eye.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.



2378 (USS Voyager returns to Earth – “Endgame”)


“Homecoming” Prelude

Federation Presidential Aide-de-camp Admiral Peter J. Koester is ordered back to Earth to face charges of insubordination.  Will he be able to retain his position?



2379 (Star Trek Nemesis)



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