Earth Year 2390:



“A Far, Far Better Thing”

When both the USS Dauntless and USS Sarek respond to a Cybot attack on a colony, the Sarek’s security chief and her abilities come to the attention of Fleet Captain Koester.

A Star Trek: Dauntless/Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Clean Sweep”

The USS Dauntless undergoes a routine baryon sweep, until a member of the crew becomes trapped aboard the ship.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Criminal Intent”

Rear Admiral Val’ri Raiajh is put on trial for the murder of her brother, Ja’al.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.



The Rihannsu Star Empire invades the Fifth Fleet AOR and takes over a Romulan colony world.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Quantum Dilemma”

While the Romulan Praetor visits Starbase 719 to negotiate a new agreement with the Federation, a strange unknown illness afflicts an infant aboard the station and threatens all aboard.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“Winters of our Discontent”

While an infamous Cardassian politician visits Starbase 719, a former member of Starfleet disappears from the base infirmary and begins propositioning anyone willing to listen.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“We’ll Remember Always…”

After four years, Cadet Gem Koester graduates the Academy, but while heading to her new assignment, the new ensign encounters an incident of mass-amnesia.

A Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Adventure.


“Meet the Faggios

You are cordially invited to attend the wedding of Jo Ella Faggio to William Hyland III aboard the USS Dauntless. Please RSVP.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“The Letter”

Commander Kyler begins to have second thoughts about being in command of a company of Starfleet Marines and considers requesting a transfer back to her former post aboard the Sarek.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure


“Liberty Party”

When the starship Dauntless makes a port visit to a planet with very conservative values, Lieutenant Cassie Koester finds herself on the wrong side of the law.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Return to Copernicus

The USS Dauntless travels beyond the Fifth Fleet AOR to help participate in a famous Doctor’s experiments aboard Copernicus Station.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Everyone Loves Quark’s”

A Ferengi entrepreneur arrives aboard Starbase 719 with the intent of opening a new entertainment establishment, but winds up butting-heads with the station’s command crew instead.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“An Act of Vengeance”

When the new IKV Proud Vengeance arrives at Starbase 719, Admiral Raiajh assigns the Klingon warship to hunt down a reported Cybot incursion.

A Star Trek: Proud Vengeance Adventure.



The starship Dauntless’ non-corporeal crew members Commander Spot and his daughter Dot experiment in the holodeck with the idea of creating physical bodies for themselves.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Broken Arrow”

The starship Dauntless is hijacked, and the Fifth Fleet must regain control of the ship before it starts a new war with the Kairn Empire.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure




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