Earth Year 2391:



“Fail Safe”

After the mysterious race known as the ‘Phantoms’ attacks the Kairn Throne World and make the attack appear to have been committed by Starfleet, the crew of the Fifth Fleet must prepare for another war with Kairn Empire.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Better Late than Never”

While responding to a Starfleet outpost distress call, the crew of the starship Bellerophon encounter a mysterious alien object.

A Star Trek: Bellerophon Adventure


“Any Port in a Storm”

When a shuttlecraft from the Bellerophon crash lands on an uncharted planet, Lt Xin Zhadesh, Lt (JG) S’Ratish and Ensign Sang Li find themselves in a fight for survival.

A Star Trek: Bellerophon Adventure.


“Going Rogue”

When cargo ships transporting exports from the planet Daminia II go missing, the USS Dauntless and Starfleet’s only Daminian officer are recalled from the Typhon sector to investigate the mystery.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“Salvage Rights”

The USS Bellerophon encounters a Borg Sphere, but does not expect how the Sphere’s crew will react, or what motivates them.

A Star Trek: Bellerophon Adventure.


Molon Labe”

The crew of the USS Bellerophon must face down the mysterious and belligerent Bespans over the fate of a pre-warp civilization.  Meanwhile, the starship’s Efrosian chief of operations, Xin Zhadesh, comes to terms with the progress of his Starfleet career.

A Star Trek: Bellerophon Adventure.



The Bellerophon is tasked with checking on a Federation science team that has missed several periodic check-ins, and finds their encampment a shamble with only two survivors.  But when those survivors are beamed aboard the Belle for medical aide, the crew comes under attack by undead creatures with a taste for human blood!

A Star Trek: Bellerophon Adventure.



After returning to the starship Sarek from a traditional Capellan hunting ritual, first officer A-ZuRQuIL find members of the starship’s crew going insane and attacking their shipmates.

A Star Trek: Sarek Adventure.


“Memory Lane”

A Celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the USS Dauntless!

As Fleet Captain Koester and Captain K’danz reminisce over drinks in the Lodge, they begin to realize they remember an early mission aboard the starship Dauntless very differently.

A Star Trek: Dauntless Adventure.


“One Foggy Evening”

The discovery of a mysterious artifact in the cornerstone of a building on the Starfleet Academy campus causes Admiral Kale to panic.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“One Foggy Evening Part 2”

While warping back to Starfleet Academy on Earth, Admiral Kale recalls his first adventure shared with Cathryn Pearson almost a century before.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Under Foot”

Admiral Fil returns from his temporary assignment back on Earth, only to become a burden to his fellow Fifth Fleet officers.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Thursday’s Child Returns”

While Admiral Kale suffers a series of unfortunate events, a familiar face arrives aboard Starbase 719.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.



Shortly after Admiral Raiajh’s husband is apparently killed in a shuttle accident, the crew of the Pariah discovers what appears to be Sylvan Xaran for sale at an Orion slave auction.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719/IMV Pariah Adventure.




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