Earth Year 2392:




“Part 1 – Starting Anew”

Former Starfleet Admiral Val’ri Raiajh and Ciaran, a Betazoid man kidnapped from his home at the age of five and the used as the template for a clone that would one day become Raiajh’s husband, Dr. Sylvan Xaran, form a friendship as they help each other through a very difficult and tumultuous time in their lives.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Part 2 – Final Orders”

During the time Val’ri Raiajh and Ciaran were coming to terms with their own life-changes, Doctor Sylvan Xaran and the crew of the runabout Missouri must figure out what happened to Starbase 719 and if they are – in fact – in their own correct reality.

A Star Trek: Personal Logs Adventure.


“Tales from Bel-Terra: Part 1 – New Orders”

Having finally come to terms with the death of her husband Sylvan and settling into retirement aboard the IMV Pariah, Val’ri Raiajh is surprised to receive a summons to Paris on Earth and the offer of the start of a potentially brand-new life.

A Star Trek: Tales from Bel-Terra Adventure



“The Typhon Sector Crisis”

“Part 1 – An Ordinary Week”

As the crew of Starbase 719 prepares for a diplomatic meeting with the Tholian Ambassador, Lt Commander B’Elanna Torres detects unusual readings coming from the station’s fusion reactors.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“Part 2 – An Extraordinary Day”

Unable to either explain or stop the mysterious power build-up in the station’s reactors, Captain Cathryn Pearson must consider evacuating the entire Starbase 719, but is there enough time to get all twenty thousand crew members off safely?

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“Part 3 – The Long Road Ahead”

With Starbase 719 gone, the Federation Fifth Fleet must figure out in what direction their future lies.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Part 4 – Roadblock”

As the fleet commanders try and figure out what is to become of not only the starships of the Fifth Fleet, but the ten thousand refugees the destruction of Starbase 719 left behind, several of the fleet’s ships are assigned to protect the Romulan colony of Vorte from invasion.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Part 5 – Trail of Breadcrumbs”

As the mission resumes in the Fifth Fleet AOR, the investigation into the loss of Starbase 719 continues.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.




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