Earth Year 2393:



 “The Typhon Sector Crisis” [Continued]

“Part 6 – J’onzztown

When Fifth Fleet starships USS Bellerophon and USS Triton come across a previously unexplored nebula, both crews are surprised to receive what appears to be a distress call coming from a rogue planet located deep within the nebula mere days from a proto-star igniting and threatening to destroyed the entire nebula and everything within it.

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Part 7 – Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

Strange events begin to occur in the vicinity of Starbase Typhon-Bravo, and the crew of the USS Bellerophon must investigate to determine if the stange readings they are detecting are connected to the loss of Starbase 719 and if the Fifth Fleet’s newer space station is likewise in danger!

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Part 8 – There’s No Place Like Home”

When an unexpected object emerges from the new wormhole, the crew of Starbase Typhon-Bravo and the Federation Fifth Fleet are not ready for what they now face!

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.


“Part 9 – A Tale Twice Told”

The crew of Starbase 719 rushes to evacuate the station.  But before everyone can get away, the entire starbase finds itself in an alternate reality inhabited by a Starfleet similar to - but not exactly like - the original Enterprise’s era of the 2260’s.  There, Captain Pearson and her crew find themselves having to confront an unexpected adversary that threatens the existence of the alternate Federation!

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“Part 10 – A Tale Twice Told – Part 2”

The returned crew of Starbase 719 continue telling their tale of their adventures in the alternate reality and the sacrifices required to assure the station and its crew could return home intact.

A Star Trek: Starbase 719 Adventure.


“Part 11 – Reformation of the Fleet”

A series of overlapping vignettes that conclude the Typhon Sector Crisis.

          Vignette A: Starbase Typhon-Bravo

          Vignette B: USS Bellerophon

          Vignette C: USS Dauntless

          Vignette D: Starbase 719

          Vignette E: USS Bellerophon

          Vignette F: USS Triton

A Star Trek: Fifth Fleet Adventure.

(Continued in Earth Year 2394)




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